Irene seems years ago and yet it was only a couple of months. As we all know, the devastation was enormous, the tragedies many, and no-one knew how quickly the area could come together after something as horrendous as that event was.

Just this past week, myself and my colleagues at Keller Williams, right here on Main St in Windham, moved back into our office having completely renovated the space, and, I have to say that it is so much nicer than it was!! Since Irene we have been open and occupied the space on the second floor of the building we are in, and although it certainly sufficed, it is so much better to be back in our original 'home'.

So I am so happy to report that Main St Windham is again back to it's vibrant self. All the shops, restaurants and galleries are open again, but I know that we at Keller Williams and many others in town, have been asked by those off the mountain. "Is the mountain going to open this year?"....... th perception has been that the devastion was so great, it may never happen.

The reality, I am pleased to report is just the opposite. Windham has indeed not just 'come back' but come back better than ever. On the mountain, I just read that there's a new trail in  place called "Windtuck" and apparently it goes down the East peak of the mountain. There's also a newly built competition center and a new hose pump for making artificial snow.

The owner of Hotel Vienna reported many more advanced bookings this year, whereas in years past, booking with almost no notice was more the norm.

At this time of year of course everyone wants to know when the mountain will open and needless to say it is all about the weather. After the unexpected early snowfalls in October, we all thought it would be an early opening but the recent 60' temps stopped that from being a reality. Now however, we are looking at another cold snap coming through and even potential snow in the next few days.

So get those skis ready and come and visit me in my new office on Main St in Windham!!!! Don't forget that if you have any real estate questions at all, I am there to help you. See you soon!