I had an interesting conversation with my optometrist the other day who happens to live in Ulster County, but the conversation also relates to Greene County. She was saying that many members of her family complain about "not having anything to do" when they come up and visit her.

This progressed into the topic of, what do people MEAN when they say "not enough to do"?

As many of you know, I adore living in Greene County, primarily for its beauty but also because I am never bored! There is always something to do up here, whether it's hiking or skiing or (now) ziplining, playing golf, fishing, etc., etc........ gardening is on my list too, as is sitting in my gorgeous backyard in the summer with a nice glass of wine just enjoying the peace and quiet. This is not what my doctors relations were referring to of course, what they wanted was to be ENTERTAINED.

If your idea of fun is to walk the shopping malls or have many different shows to choose from to go and see most nights of the week, or a football match or well, whatever, you get the drift, then this probably is not the area for you.

This area of Greene County and also Ulster County NY is so special........... if we want to go see a show or a game or do a little shopping, then it's available, just not really close; it may take a bit of a drive to get there. On the other hand we do occasionally have wonderful musical performances put on by for example the Windham Chamber by Bob and Magdalena Manno, or jazz concerts at The Point in Catskill, or the country festival at Hunter Mountain during the summer, and quite a few other 'entertainments' just not in the plethora of some areas.

So we do have entertainment, occasionally and wonderfully. But what we have ALL the time is magnificent scenery, peace and the choice of fun activities like golf or hiking. For me, and for many others it makes our area so very special... I guess I'm pretty pleased that for some, there just may not be "enough to do".