Visiting friends down in New Jersey last week was a great thing to do, but not just because I happen to love them...... As I drove down the NY State Thruway, well out of the Catskills, onto the Garden State and finally entered Oceanport, I was reminded that this was a life I left, 20+ years ago when I built my home in Cairo, NY. It was 'normal' for me to enter 70+ mph traffic, all head to tail, weaving in and out of 3 or more lanes then, it is not normal anymore. The 'angst' of driving and the other drivers was almost palpable and it brought me back to the day that I decided, over 20 years ago now, that this just wasn't a way to live a life. At that point I was driving on the Cross Bronx, where you don't get stuck for minutes, it's hours! I was inhaling car fumes, in horrendously hot weather, everyone was distraught. Meetings were being cancelled, missed or delayed. The scenery was hardly pretty. The hand gestures were abundant. Negativity ruled!

I am glad that I made the decision to move to a more peaceful lifestyle....... I love my work, I breathe much better quality air, I marvel at some bird or beast that I happen to see, and I do it every day! On my way home yesterday, the traffic going South from my area of the Catskills was extraordinary.... I am glad that those weekenders have the opportunity to escape from their 'primary home' , to experience a little of the joy I have everyday. I am equally glad that I still have wonderful friends still in other parts of the country who permit me to visit them, and whilst doing so, have me really appreciate my home, here in Greene county NY, where beauty and peace abound, every single day.