Finally we had rain this week which was a blessing... and now the temperatures are dropping at least for the next 24 hours!

This year has been extremely busy. Normally the market slackens off a little during the summer months but not this year... it's been non stop and not just on homes in Windham, Jewett and Ashland.... I have also been showing and selling homes still within 20 minutes of the mountain towns, but definitely not in them, for example in Cairo, Durham, East Durham, Freehold and Greenville. Why I am not sure, but I am certain that real estate values are quite competitive in these towns between the Mountain and the Thruway.  

So we're getting set for what I'm sure will be another beautiful Fall. In all of my 25 years of living in Greene County, you would think that I'm used to it but such is far from the case; it just never fails to take my breath away!  I have lived in various areas of Great Britain, New York State and have travelled all over the U. S. and Europe. Still, this is one of the most gorgeous spots I have ever encountered, especially at this season, so for those of you who are not familiar, come visit and be amazed!