I just read an article about the late Steve Jobs, who interestingly always, according to the author, preferred small spaces over large. Apparently he and his family shared a small, cottage style home which had a cozy kitchen with white cabinets, tiled counter tops and wooden edges. Personally I prefer the granite counter top look, but I think that many of my buyers are seeking the 'feel' of a cottage more and more. A smaller footprint than many buyers were looking for in the early 2000's and late 90's but a higher quality and whereever possible incorporating high tech devices to make their lifes easier but not ostentacious.

Up here in the Northern Catskills, I enjoy together with many of you, a wonderfully healthy and peaceful style of living that I wouldn't give up and perhaps one of the side effects of the recession has been to have all of us ask ourselves what is really important?

Fresh air is, mountain views are a God send, the music of a mountain stream..... thankfully we have it all here, and what is different from the 1990's is that now, we also have a few, just a few Big Box stores so we can do any repairs etc. without having too far a drive. That's what really makes the difference here. We can 'have our cake and eat it'. New York city is 2 - 2 1/2 hours away, Albany less than an hour, Kingston about 30 minutes... there are a lot of places with a lot of people within reasonable distance then we can escape back to the privacy and comfort of our homes with views, fresh air and a quality of life that for me, is second to none.