If you are considering selling your home, you will be meeting with probably several realtors and some if not all will suggest placing a lock box on your property.

So is this to the benefit of you, the seller, or not???

I always find it to be absolutely amazing when I come across listings with some brokerages where there is no lock box. They tell me "oh, the owner doesn't want one". Really? Why would that be? If the owner does not trust other realtors to show the house, then that will be an issue. But here's the point. If a 'showing agent' cannot access the house by using a lock box, they will probably have to travel to the office of the listing agent, which may be many, many miles from the house, go show the house, then return the key to the office of the listing agent. Needless to say this may prove to be problematic in the schedule of the showing agent, and may result in that house not being shown. Is this to the benefit of the seller? I would not think so......

Perhaps the listing agent doesn't want to pay the money for a lock box. Well I would suggest that is false economy and again, not in the best interest of the seller, who presumably wants as many buyers as possible to see their property.