The article written in the FT on November 25th talked about the droves of second home buyers coming up to the Catskills... Ian Driscoll referenced the Southern Catskills, Phoenicia, Roxbury, Andes, and the same is true for the Northern Catskills. Buyers are either foregoing the additional home in the Hamptons, by not buying it in the first place, or selling it and buying up here in Windham or Jewett or Ashland. It's an interesting phenomena. Buyers are realizing the commute is not bad and is enjoyable! Not the nose to tail of the LIE and when they get up here, they get so much more for their money and a refreshing lifestyle. Whether their focus is skiing or snowboarding in the winter or hiking, golf and fly fishing in the summer, there is always something to do. As I have often said, Greene County is a hidden gem, not so hidden anymore, but still a wonderful gem and I am so very glad that I live here too.