The snow blowers are going, and they have to be because we have no natural snow on this New Years Eve in Windham. Is it my imagination or do the winters start later and finish later? Last year we did have more snow than we do now, but it was still a late start and it was a really late finish..... remember that? We were all screaming for spring to start already, and there was so much snow still on the ground.

So it's been colder in Cairo today than in Windham, where it was 49', but will be down to the teens tonight. The town was pretty crowded with second home owners with their friends and families, the sun was out and honestly, it was a pretty scene. The truth is, that although of course we need snow for the slopes, Windham Town is so pretty all year round, and for that, we are grateful as we head into 2012.

Happy New Year to you all and may it be a peaceful, healthy and prosperous one.