What a very strange, ambiguous and confusing business this is. From the perception of the would be realtor, versus the reality, to the differential between a buyers initial thoughts of where/what they want to buy and where and what they do, finally buy. Or indeed the seller, with their ideas as to what their property is worth, versus the reality!

And yet, it is this very same, ambiguity, confusion, continuity of every day being completely different from any other, which makes it a business that I love. The wonderful mix of art and science. The unbelievable range of human emotions that we encounter, with buyers, sellers, other realtors…. One thing is for sure: when you mix emotion with money, you are sure to have a potent brew!!!

Here in Greene County, the real estate business can be even more confusing, not least because based on the geographical location of the home, the timing is quite different, for sellers when it is best to put a property on the market, and for buyers, when they may be able to secure a more advantageous deal…. So if you are considering either buying or selling this year, call me or call your agent to discuss these idiosyncrasies, to give yourself a ‘leg up’  in this puzzle.