I wake at 2.45am.... darn it, nothing worse than not enough sleep. I hear Tessie snoring then Kate gets up because she knows that when I get up, there's a chance of a cookie. I do get up, followed by both dogs I pad down the stairs and load the wood stove with more food. Then I let the girls out, ostensibly to go chase a wayward deer, or a few of them, off the property. The snow is falling nicely, already over 2" and the silence is palpable. There are few things more beautiful than the sight of falling snow, big fluffy flakes, against a black, black backdrop of sky, all just highlighted by the outside lights at my home.... it is breathtaking.

Up for good at 7.00am, I do the chores then get Tessie ready for our walk... 5 miles every day bar a few, around the block. Sunside Rd, Old Rt 23, Roosevelt, left onto Edison Timmerman and left again onto Sunside. I am lucky to live on such a quiet and lovely section of Cairo, and we almost always see something interesting. This morning it's a deer crossing the road infront of us, and then, sitting on the ice on the pond/lake on Edison Timmerman, we see what appear to be a family of musk rats; all a pretty decent size too. They'd better be aware that Fishers are around in this neck of the woods....yum, musk rat breakfast. Fishers are not my favorite animal but they are fascinating.

The silence is still, well, deafening. What is it about snow that does that? But then, what do we hear? The rumbling grind of a snow plow.

It's all good. Best get back to feed the woodstove again and get on with work.