So you've made a decision to put your house on the market. It hasn't been easy..the market has been slow, you love your home and coming to this stage was gruelling.

Then you ask your Realtor to come over, put a price on the house and then you sit back and wait, right?

Err.... probably not.

In these days of a Buyer's Market, in all likelihood you are going to have to do some work to get your house ready and we don't mean just cutting the front lawn. In order for your house to sell, it has to look better, be better and be less expensive than all the competition, of which there is still A LOT.

I usually advise my sellers not to do huge kitchen renovations to sell the house, unless it is obviously required and will stop the place from being sold, BUT, changing out faucets to a higher grade is often worth while, as is restaging rooms and perhaps adding a fresh albeit inexpensive, rug to freshen up the place. Painting is obvious.... if it needs it, do it.

Then of course there's the clutter. CLEAR IT. End of story, get rid of ALL items off the kitchen counter, ditto in the bathroom(s). Get rid of all piles of magazines etc. I know it sounds obvious but you would be surprised at how many people think it's ok to leave personal stuff around. Remove any religious or political paraphenalia... if you love it, pack it away for the next house but don't put off prospective buyers by showing your allegiance which may not be theirs.

I promise you that if you do all of this, followed by a really good clean, you may not want to move any more yourself!!! And you will certainly stand a better chance of selling the house.