Being a Real Estate Broker is always about managing my clients (buyers and sellers) expectations, against the reality of the situation. .......... which is why, right from the beginning, I have a tendency to bring out the figures, the ones that do not lie!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have sellers who have been told by their neighbors, friends, Uncle Tom Cobbley and All..... that they should EASY get $xxx,000 for their home, NO PROBLEM!!!!! Of course, those same neighbors, friends etc are not offering to buy the place. So when I go in with the figures that the bank will finance the property for.......... well, I'm the bad guy.

Alternatively, there are the buyers who, listening to the media, see a property, well priced at $400,000 who come in with an offer for $200,000 and wonder why the seller is afronted.

This is not an easy business, whatever anyone says, but for me at least, it is an enjoyable one because I meet so many wonderful people, whether they are buying or selling in Windham, Jewett, or Cairo and Durham.....


And by the way, while I'm on the topic, those people who feel they would like to get into real estate because there are flexible hours............ yep, they're flexible all right! All day, every day!!!! Nope, not kidding.