So there are LOTS of different websites that give you fabulous information about this topic, specifically what you need to do NOW in preparation for your real estate plans later in the year. However, some of the most critical information has to do with the specifics of the location that you intend to buy or sell, and nowhere is that more true, than for Greene County with all its little idiosyncrases.

Firstly there are big differences between the Mountain towns, Jewett, Windham, Ashland, Hunter, Tannersville, etc. and the rest of the county: Cairo, Durham, Catskill, East Durham, Greenville, Freehold, Coxsackie, Athens, Hannacroix, Sleepy Hollow, etc. etc., and the differences lie in both the best timing to either sell or buy, and also the buyers who are looking in those locations, what their expectations are, their parameters in general etc.

So please, do check out all those other sites for the general information. But when it comes down to Greene County, call me and I will talk to you about all these other topics that make a huge difference to how much you gain or lose on your real estate transaction!