Lots of snow fell overnight in Cairo, the town that I live in, and it was sheer beauty this morning as I walked one of my dogs for our customary five mile jaunt around the pretty country roads that surround us.

I was very glad that I bought a pair of those rubber things that go over your walking shoes that have "cleats" in the bottom of them.... really helped me stay upright!

So I know they had way more snow on the mountain and that's what the skiers need..... come on all my buyers, now is a great time for you to come up and view properties, and don't forget it doesn't have to be in Windham! I love the spot I'm in and I'm only 15 minutes from the slopes but also, conveniently, 15 minutes from the thruway.

See you soon!

BTW, Sunday is booked for showings but I can still fit someone in for Saturday!