Suddenly there are little bright spots happening all over Greene County..... from the news that Windham Mountain is developing another Townhouse Complex, plus an indoor skating rink, plus a new beginners slope... plus, plus, plus......... to

in Cairo, not only is there a new supermarket going in (Hannafords) but, the Stone Castle restaurant on Rt 145 is THRIVING! It is very, very busy and with good reason, the food is GREAT!!!!

Also in Cairo, Bernie O's is no more... roll in "Winners Circle" - I drove past there yesterday, Sunday and it was jammed with cars!

Not done yet. Also in Cairo, Round Top, Maasmans at Blackhead Golf course are in the process of developing town houses!

And I keep hearing about other positive trends. Hudsons Winter Walk was crammed with visitors from all over; Catskill has just welcomed a new business to Main St, a fresh food store. Then there was the article in the Financial Times about a week ago, talking about how the Catskills are fast becoming the new Hamptons!

This is all good. Perhaps more people are realizing what we already know, that this area has the most beautiful scenery and is in a very convenient location for trips to New York City, or Albany, or Boston.

In Windham, Main St is not only back, it is better than before Irene hit....... things are good and getting better!